The thematic objective, Promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructure, includes the following investment priorities:

  • TEN-T network
  • TEN-T secondary and tertiary nodes
  • Environmentally friendly and low carbon transport
  • Railways

Key message

Transport systems are a major influence on the health of all citizens: transport decisions enable economic development and they shape the regional and local environment. They have direct and long-lasting effects on levels of public transport use, the amount that people walk, and cycle, the quality of their neighbourhoods and links among communities. These factors have a great influence on the health of all citizens but especially on the most vulnerable.

Direct and immediate effects from transport include poor air quality and emissions from motor vehicles,  noise from transport, and road accidents. Vulnerable groups and marginalised communities often the most exposed.

The European Commission has called for a comprehensive national transport plan as ex-ante conditionality for this thematic objective. Such plans, the operational programmes for transport linked to them, and the projects that are funded in 2014-2020 should address health issues. The European Commission’s 2011 White Paper on Transport, Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area provides a central element of the policy framework. Its goals include a sharp reduction in road casualties as well as the shift to low-carbon transport across the EU.