My name is Anna Beling, and will be joining the Health Gain team during my internship with Tamarack Ltd.

I completed my BSc in European Public Health at Maastricht University in the Netherlands in 2011, and I am currently working to attain a Master of Science in European Public Health.

My role on the blog will be to reflect over some of the issues we are faced with in this final stage of the Health Gain project; where I will be focusing on how to get the guide to work in practice within a region. With the purpose of creating some ‘good practices’ for regions in how to use the HG guide in a “real-life setting”; to see how well the guide translates in practice at this initial phase of implementation - leading to valuable feedback, and formulating recommendations for the team on how to refine of the online guide.

The Health Gain project is currently in the dissemination and final stage, where increased awareness and visibility of the online guide and website is in focus. You can find out more about the forthcoming capacity building workshops here.

Anna Beling Student, MSc in European Public Health, Maastricht University